Glory to God Hymnal App Reviews

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Why pay twice?

What in the world has happened? I once had access to a fairly awesome app but now its asking me to pay again. I purchased this app several years ago and did not understand it to have a time limit subscription. Please let me know what needs to be done to access the it for worship planning purposes. I’ve tried deleting the app and downloading it again from the App Store to know avail.


I purchased this app and several hymns still do not appear - what is going on

There seems to be no support

I've used this app for some time. I bought a new iPad and it will not download unless I buy the app again. My two inquiries to support have gone unanswered. I'm not paying another $20!!

Good but could be better

As another reviewer stated, having music for the entire song would be helpful, especially when learning a new song. For me, though, the most beneficial upgrade would be the ability to send the lyrics to our projection laptop (using EasyWorship) instead of having to type everything in for new songs. Otherwise, this is very helpful to me.

Helpful resource, but needs work.

As a pastor, I find the audio files helpful for listening to unfamiliar hymns I'm considering when it isn't convenient to get to a piano, and I've recommended it to interns and colleagues who don't play. Frankly, I prefer to sing from the bound hymnal so I can view the whole hymn without scrolling. When I led a short retreat recently, it wasn't convenient to lug a keyboard, so I decide to use the iPad pew version. Some of the songs don't have a complete verse, so we just kept singing to the end a Capella, then I reset the audio for another verse. Better than nothing, but not very satisfactory. I read in not

A good start

What works: - good search features. - set list - notes and biographical info What doesn't work: - having to scroll DOWN to see second and third pages of a hymn. This idiosyncrasy makes the app useless for service playing.

Not complete

When you pay this much for an app, you might expect to get all of it! Audio samples of hymns stop before the end. The flex score accompaniment version tells us that certain functions for a particular hymn are "unavailable!" You are in for a rude awakening in making plans for your church service if you don't have a backup plan in place. I love the app, but at $20, $60, and $100s, you DO NOT get what you pay for! I would suggest more info about what is "unavailable" be easily accessible before we fork over that kind of money. My suggestion to the editors is to get your act together before you let this one out of the bag.


Great. Love the option of hearing the tune.

Incomplete Accompaniments

For $50, I am disappointed that the audio files are incomplete. This needs to be fixed in an update.

VERY helpful..just a couple of blips

I would give this a 5!! I’m a Presbyterian pastor using this new hymnal in church, and having it on iPad really helps…especially with the search functions BUT there are a couple of things that need to be addressed: 1) the music function DOESN’T ALWAYS FINISH THE HYMN!. Sometimes it will stop 3/4 of the way through, especially if there’s a long musical introduction. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! It’s VERY irritating when you’re trying to learn the hymn prior to Sunday. 2) The search function doesn’t cover the entire text; just first lines, titles, names, topics, scripture. I wish I could search by any word in the text or by metre, or by the RCL (“Proper 10”)

Terrible app...there I said it.

I pastor a small church and the organist is spotty at best. I have to be able to play music through our sound system and 1 verse in piano doesn't cut it. For $99 I would think organ or piano of all the verses would be available. Shame on you for thinking of only the big churches with big budgets. I am very very disappointed.

Terrific resource, needs some tweaks

This is a great tool for musicians, clergy, and people in the pews. It could be an excellent alternative for electronically-minded congregations. The interface is simple, it's customizable (and in-app purchases allow those of us who aren't playing the piano or organ to get a less expensive version of the Accompaniment Edition), and makes good use of the electronic platform for things like FlexScores and MIDI previews of the hymn tunes (saves my musically-trained boss those calls from other pastors: "how does XYZ go again?"). Some suggestions: 1. MIDI previews are fantastic, but for longer tunes they fade out at strange places or start midway through the song. This feature may be the single best selling point for the app--whatever extra space is needed for the samples is WORTH IT! 2. Expand the search functionality to allow searching by hymn tune. One of the nice touches of "Glory to God" is how new texts are set to familiar tunes. 3. One of the best features of the paper edition is the Lectionary Index, which pairs hymn suggestions with each scripture reading in the Revised Common Lectionary. Can we get access to this somehow? 4. One of the changes in GTG is a significant amount of liturgical material at the front. Can this be added as well?

Great resource, but two requests

I love this resource! It is beautifully and simply laid out, the search feature is awesome, and I feel it is worth what I paid for it. As a church musician my two requests would be: 1. The ability to search by tune and possibly meter ( 2. The ability to make my own notes about the selection Thank you!

Where are the Worship/liturgy texts?

The hymnal is great. The extra info on each hymn is wonderful. I have two issues. Firstly, I would love to have the texts, such as The Apostle's Creed and Nicene Creed that are included in the hard copy of the hymnal. I was quite disappointed that they are not there. The cost of the app was more than we paid for the hard copy. It stands to reason the front texts should be there. Secondly, there needs to be a page lock of some sort. If my thumb accidentally touches the screen, I might turn ten pages before I know it!!

The version finally downloaded, but what about printing?

The Accompaniment Version with FlexScores finally did download -thank you! But what about printing? I see no way of printing out the score for the different instruments, or if i need to change the key for a hymn. Does everyone who accompanies have to buy the $100 app, and a holder for the iPad in order to play? (Unless I am missing something.) This needs to be addressed!


I purchased the flex scores with accompaniment option for $99.99. The first three hymns I've searched seem to require an additional dollar or two in order to view the offered parts. Unless I'm missing something, I feel like I've been cheated, and may be phoning Amex to reverse the charge.


Clean, crisp, and accessible. I especially love the audio clips for each song- great for planning worship. This is the hymnal app I've been waiting for. Now, to find the $100 necessary for the bells-and-whistles version (in-app purchase).... which also looks incredible.

Issues fixed

Response from the development team: The issue of hymn #1 being incomplete (as mentioned in other reviews) has been fixed as of version 1.0.1. Anyone who has purchased the Pew Edition will need to use the "Restore Purchases" feature (found under the cart button on the toolbar) after updating, in order to get the complete score. (Side-note: the rating given in this review is as close as possible to the current average, so as not to skew the overall rating.)


I was leading a funeral today and using the G2G on my iPad. The first hymn was #1, Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty. To my chagrin, only half of the hymn appeared in this app!!!! Please fix and check the rest.

Needs work

I purchased the pew version of the app and right off the bat I noticed that the very first hymn, (Holy, Holy, Holy) was only half there. Not good for such an expensive product.

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